Child Porn: Google to Donate $5 Million for Eradication from Web

The web giant Google has pledged to donate a sum of $5 million in an effort to eradicate child porn from the web. With this, Google has proved that it is just not about strict online business, but that they owe to the society that they are more than ready and willing to pay back.

Child Porn

Google has said that they have literally zero tolerance when it comes to child sexual abuse on the web. They hope that they will be able to battle it out and make it a success.

Google Wi-Fi, Child porn

For this purpose, Google is going to use the ‘hashing’ technology. It can represent the images with a web ‘fingerprint’, which can be done away with after being identified.

Last week Google donated a sum of one million pounds to The Internet Watch Foundation. The IWF is a charity firm from the United Kingdom. Google also donated $1 million to The US National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children.

The remaining $2 million was given to Google’s Child Protection Technology Fund. Google has also donated to various such organizations to a number of countries as well.

With the Hashing technology, Google will be able to tag the abusive images of child porn. This will allow

Google to recognize any duplicate images if they happen to exist anywhere on the web. These images then can be identified with a ‘fingerprint’ of its own.

It is vital that the children are kept away from this industry, as it is harmful to them to be there at that tender age. You can get to read more details on child pornography here. There are quite a few issues regarding child pron and challenges to fight it.

Please put in your views below to let us know what you feel about this all. Do you appreciate the steps that Google is taking?

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