Google Allo Launches Brand New Features! Which do you Love?

Google Allo app has been released yesterday and it comes out with an interesting range of features. Is there any that suits you? Read on to know more.

Google Allo

Google Allo

Google Allo and Duo apps are catching everybody’s attention for a while now. The instant communication and messaging app from Google named Allo has been finally launched. Though Allo comes from the house of Google, it comes with a pretty evident defect. This app has a few new features added to it, one of which is the Google Assistant which helps discover places, get guidance in reference to user’s inquiries, make plans and much more all through the medium of chat. The launch of the video–calling app Duo, as well as Allo had been announced on 18 May 2016 in the Annual Developers Conference i.e. the Google I/O initiative.

The messaging app from Google also features new and interesting stickers and emojis, smart replies, and quick response by the users. Small replies feature helps users to recognize and opt for the appropriate alternatives from the given suggestions. The app based on users regular replies provides with more suggestions. Apart from these, picture and video sharing is the common thing.

Installation Procedure

The Allo app is available in Play Store. The installation procedure is very easy. You just need to download and get it installed. Then, enter your number which gets verified in a few seconds and its ready to go. You can actually update your display picture with clicking a selfie after installation or else you can skip that part and just start connecting.

Google Allo

Google Assistant – A New Discovery

The latest Google Assistant feature can actually help as well as entertain its users in a variety of ways. It can actually book a show, set up alarm, come up with interesting poems, proverbs, facts, etc. An option of “I’m bored” is also available when the Google Assistant will actually provide us with funny videos.  A fun fact is that now the Google Assistant can also be involved in our chats. We just have to type @google and it is all set to entertain or help you and your friends. A great Google Allo feature, isn’t it?

The Assistant will also provide us with latest updates regarding news, weather forecast, flight status, sports, routes and traffics, etc. You just need to ask a question.

Incognito mode – An Essential Element

Another interesting feature of Google Allo, which is not usually available in most of the instant messaging apps. The incognito mode provides the user an end-to-end encryption which means that the chat details will be between the two people. No outsider can hack and read the chats of any other person. The other options available under this feature are discreet notifications and message expiration. The widely recognized Whatsapp Messenger is one such app with has actually come with the option of end-to-end encryption. You can now easily use a couple of WhatsApp accounts on one phone.

Send SMS through Allo

The other exclusive feature of the Google Allo app is that it can send normal messages i.e. SMS to any of your contacts who do not use Allo. The contacted person can revert back by sending a normal message. As any other messaging app Allo also has the option to block people in your contact list.

Going through a few of its feature cited above, the Allo app can definitely stand as a tough competitor for Whatsapp messenger.

Hinglish – The Language

The Google Allo app is available on both  iOS and Android Versions. Hinglish as a language has been inserted in this app which can be used while giving smart replies. Also, one of the other interesting element is that 200 varieties of stickers have been rolled out which has been created by artists. These features have been added keeping in mind the Indian Users.


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