Google Allo: Messaging App Goes Live With A Key Defect

Google Allo as being launched comes with a major defect. The app can only be operated on one phone at a time. This cripples the app in the most obvious way.

Google Allo


This year Google in its Annual Developer’s Conference I/O announced the launch of Google Allo Google Duo which already got an update to v 2.0. These are two different communication and messaging apps that the tech giant Google has come up with. It has been some time now that the Duo app has been launched across iOS and Android devices but Allo was released later. Finally, the wait and the excitement to try out the new messenger app are over. The app is available for the majority of the users in the Play Store.

Allo, the instant messaging app hopes to cast a more sophisticated and fun technique of messaging for its Android lovers. It is also powered by the Google Assistant. The new Google Assistant can be operated by its users in a manner that they get things done. Also, can inquire about general stuff they want an answer for. Happily installed by many of the customers, it comes with its own set of defects.


WhatsApp, another popular messaging app had kind of a flaw, as users couldn’t use two WhatsApp accounts on one phone until you got a method to realize it. And generally, users are realizing the flaws of the messaging app while using it. The feature that mostly disappoints its users is that Allo can only be operated on a single gadget at one time. This limitation takes away all of the excitement because in case the user would like to switch over to another phone he/ she loses all the messages, chats, videos and display pictures. After, switching over to another smartphone the Allo app user will have to again start from scratch. This comes out as a huge let-down for us.

In the present scenario, though there are some Android apps that can make your life easier, some messaging apps where Whatsapp, Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger wins the race over any other communication app, Google Allo because of its major drawback might lose if not many but a few users. The easiest ways of being connected are these messaging apps and the user would definitely prefer something which doesn’t cause much of a hassle during an emergency and non-emergency situations. Apart from these three main instant messaging apps people keep on trying the other similar apps, hopping on one to the other.

Users are also of the opinion that there is no support for Direct Reply in 7.0 Nougat making Allo a half- finished product. Though it is just the beginning, as of now we can definitely be sure that Google will come up with the latest updates resolving all the disabilities of the app. Keeping in pace with the competitors, it is for sure that Google Allo will definitely have solutions to the problems pretty soon.


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