Google Analytics iOS app is now available for iPhone

Google Analytics iOS app is now up for grabs. It is one of those apps that was always wanted by many webmasters and as well as strategists. Marketing gets all that easier with such an app being handy.

Google Analytics iOS app

Now that the app is available for the Apple devices, people who love Apple products but still had to be without the services of such an app will now heave a sigh of relief. Until days ago, the iPhone users didn’t have this privilege and had to mostly make do with other third-party apps.

But now, the picture has changed entire. People whose favorite apps are iPhones and iPads are now able to get the Google Analytics app. This will allow them to keep a watch on the real time analytics of their blogs and web sites.

The iOS devices now will no longer without the Google Analytics iOS app. Exploring the data with directly this iOS app will make the Google Analytics a rich experience indeed. Drawing conclusions and taking decisions will be easier than before. Even being on the go, users will be able to get stats right on the spot.

Google Analytics iOS app
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Google Analytics iOS app is the solution to all the problems the iPhone users were supposedly facing so far. And as this is an official app there are all the reasons for the Apple product users to go for this app.

Features of Google Analytics iOS app

Here are some features of the iOS app that you would like to know.

Multiple site capabilities

There have been reports earlier that Google Analytics would find it difficult to manage sites in excess of ten sites. However, this latest app can handle multiple sites with ease. So, if you are a marketing executive, these details should be of immense help to you.


For local search and details, Google Analytics iOS app is what you need. If you are trying to target a specific country or region to drive your traffic, the app will tell you if you are getting visitors from that country. So, you can make efforts accordingly to get traffic from a specific region.

Acquisition Rates

The origin of the traffic and the number of people visiting your site are the two important things that the app shows in the form of a compilation. This gives you a simple way to determine if your campaigns are working the way you want to.


Google Analytics iOS app should be your first stop if you are an Apple device fan. The best thing is that the app is totally free. So, what’s stopping you?

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