Google Android M: What You Must Know at I/O 2015

The Google I/O 2015 will see Google Android M, which is in all readiness to get underway on May 28. This is the period where the Android M is supposed to be launched. The official schedule of the conference is also at display at the I/O 2015 website.

Google Android M

For those who do not know what Google Android M is (which we suppose isn’t the case), it is the next iteration of Google Android operating system. The announcement of the next OS version is probably the most awaited pronouncement from Google.

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If you recall the previous year’s conference, the Android L was released. This time around, it is time for Android M. There was a session known as Android for Work. It was found in the description of Google Android M. This was mentioned in the report by ArsTechnica. However, it looks like the report has been pulled away and doesn’t exist in the schedule of the I/O 2015.

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This Day That Year

When it was time to announce Google Android Lollipop, Google had only come up with Android L. there was no full form of that “L” mentioned anywhere. It was only a few days later that Google announced that “L” stands for “Lollipop”.

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Keeping the newly-formed tradition alive, Google has once again announced Google Android M. now, it remains to be seen what that “M” would stand for. This is a great time for speculating and starting a guessing game.

What’s more At I/O 2015 Conference?

Apart from Google Android M, there will be more at the Google’s conference to look forward to like Android TV and Android Wear. There is a session for Your App and always-on screen. The session will see the always-on feature. The feature changes the watch in a whatever app.

Android Auto Session

The Android Auto session is one session that will discuss what action Google is taking for the expansion of the platform. One of the sessions in this will talk the Android Auto APIs. This permits the developers to pull in the existing audio messages in your car.

So, What does Google Android M Stand For?

The guessing game for the new Android M has already begun. There are various names coming forward like Mud pie, Meringue and Muffin. Or how about Marshmallow or Milkshake? Or would you like to give an Indian touch to the Google Android M?

In that case, there is the traditional Indian Malai Barfi or the delicious Malpoa? Sunder Pichai has his connections with the IIT Kharapur. And the students from this IIT School have been making attempts to name the next iteration of the OS as Lassi.

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  1. Google I/O 2015 starts from today and will eb android M news we got here. I was reading somewhere that Google M preview will be launch today and full version later this year


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