Google Apple lawsuit settled for Smartphone patent

Google Apple lawsuit has been settled for the Smartphone patent which now puts to an end another high-profile litigation in technology.

The agreement came between Motorola Mobility from Google Inc and Apple Inc. there was a joint statement issued on Friday by both companies who said that there won’t be cross license to the patents of the respective companies.

Google Apple lawsuit

The statement read “Apple and Google have also agreed to work together in some areas of patent reform”.

It must be mentioned that Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Inc had once termed the Android OS from Google as a ‘stolen product’. Both Google and Apple have filed scores of patents against one another across the world for protecting their respective products.Google Apple lawsuit

As far as the Google Apple lawsuit is concerned, both companies came forward to say that the cases against each other be dismissed. They informed this to the federal appeals court in the city of Washington. This information was in the filings that took place yesterday.

One such case about patents is currently underway between Apple and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. and yesterday’s developments have nothing to do with that case.

There has been no doubt a battle between Apple and Google and there was a time when Apple was amongst the biggest adopters of the Android operating system for mobiles from the house of Google. Apple did its best to hold back the rapid expansion of the mobile OS, as they also have the iOS.

However, Apple’s attempts have failed as they couldn’t curb the growth of Android. It is estimated that the OS is seen on as many as 80 per cent of Smartphones that are sold each year. Incidentally, Motorola, the US-based company that has pioneered mobile phones does not feature in the largest Smartphone makers.

This case in question started around four years back when Motorola put blame on Apple for infringing on a host of their patents. The operations on 3G network was one of the prime faces of the Google Apple lawsuit.

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