Google Assistant: Opens to Developers This December

Google Assistant is on its way! In order to catch up with Apple, Amazon and others. It is one of the most revolutionary software programs introduced by Google. Read on, to know more!

Google Assistant


Google in recent times has focused more on Artificial intelligence(AI) to make its products an intelligent agent. From Google Allo to Google Home, every product is some way or the other AI infused. During the Google’s hardware event on Tuesday, Google announced Google Assistant’s couple of new developer programs. But the question arises, how will it be different from other Assistants?

Google actions are the first new program, that will be launched in early December of the present year. This will allow the app developers to build Google Assistant into their account. The Embedded Google Assistant SDK (Software development kit) will be launched in 2017. This can help put the Assistant in third-party hardware that is putting the Assistant into a non-Google environment.

Google, no doubt aims to build an easy going and convenient environment by focusing on AI for its customers. Imagine a future, where you ask something to your AI-powered Google Assistant and the Assistant in return, makes it happen. For that to happen, Google needs strong app developers to construct the Assistant. Putting Google Assistant in non-Google hardware will also help encourage that effort. 

Google has also thought of creating its own SDK (Software development kit). Google Assistant in a non-Google hardware will be a major task for the company. The users need to wait for a little, this to happen. Google will be announcing this compatibility of putting Google’s Assistant into a non-Google environment a little behind.

Google Actions

Action, on the other hand, will be of two types, Direct actions, and Conversation actions, explains Google. Direct actions are actions that the user would command. Like “Switch off the light”, “play my favourite playlist” and more! Conversation actions, on the other hand, are those that involve two-way conversations. For example, booking a hotel reservation and more!

The future Actions on Google will work in three different “interfaces”: text-based conversations, voice interactions, and hybrids that is the combination of the two. CNN, IFTTT, Jelly, LinkedIn, Netflix, Foursquare, WebMD andThe Wall Street Journal, are the companies that are already building Google action into their apps.

Embedded SDK

Scott Huffman, who is the head of the Google Assistant engineering team said:

“We imagine a future where the Assistant will be able to help in any context, from any kind of device. Whether you’re tinkering with a Raspberry Pi in your basement, or you’re building a mass market consumer device you’ll be able to integrate the Google Assistant right into what you make”.

He didn’t say much about the SDK but projecting from what he said, SDK would definitely broaden up for other companies for collaboration.

Google is definitely bringing ideas and innovations together with convenience for its users. Tell us what more do you expect the Google Assistant would do, on our comment sections!


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