Google Buy Now Button in Result Pages Allows Purchasing

In your standard Google search, you will soon see a Google ‘Buy Now button that will allow you to purchase right through the result pages. This brand new feature from Google is supposedly aimed at taking on other e-com sites, especially the ones like Amazon. Inversely, this will increase direct competition for Amazon is Google has a mighty presence through their search engine.

Google Buy Now Button

Users will be served with the ‘Buy Now’ button when they search for a specific product. This means users will be able to shop online and that too just with a single click – literally. Already the number of online shoppers around the world is on the increase. Secondly, Google is prime search engine in the United States and outside too.

This should give them a sound user base even when their new Google Buy Now button feature is yet to go live. Google is planning to introduce a system like Amazon Prime. There would be handpicked retailers that would offer free shipping within a couple of days. However, a nominal annual fee would be charged for the same.

No Confirmation of the New Feature

Apparently, there is still no confirmation of the Google Buy Now button feature or when Google plans to give concrete form to the idea. Google decided to take on the notion and move forward even when numbers didn’t speak for them. In the US, about 39% of online shoppers first start their research on Amazon, while Google holds only 11% of the same number.

google buy now button
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The numbers are courtesy Forrester. Forrester is a big player in the field of research. The above-mentioned numbers are the conclusion of the firm’s study.

Google Search Engine Advantage

It must be mentioned that Google will always get the advantage of being a popular search engine, which will eventually aid the Google Buy Now button feature. Actually, Google does hold more than 67% of search engine from the US. Following distinctly second is Bing that has 18.7% of search share. This shows how much widely Google is used in their home country as a search engine.

As far as the third place in this list is concerned, it is taken by Yahoo! Yahoo’s share is also far from Bing at 10%. The data comes from comScore – a search engine watch company, from the beginning of this year. However, it must be mentioned that the figures are only inclusive for the desktop searches and not handheld devices like mobiles.

By the month of April this year, Google had settled for 66.5% of market share. This still should sound enough for the Google Buy Now button to take its place in the search result pages. It all remains to be seen how Google takes steps to be one of a key players in e-com business as well.

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