Google Now Cards on Desktops and Laptops for Chrome

The interface of Google Now cards were only seen on Android phones. But now they will be seen on desktops and laptops for Chrome users as well. The Google Chrome browser will facilitate the Google Now cards.

Google Now Cards

The news from the Google Chrome Google+ account says that the Google notifications will be available from March 25 and will roll out over the next few weeks. The news further says to enable the notifications you will have to sign in to the browser with the same credentials that you use for your Google account. The same can be used for iOS and Android.

The users will be able to view the details on their desktops and laptops pretty much in the same way as they are viewed on Smartphones. The Chrome browser will also present the information on sports, various events, weather as well as traffic.

Google points out that Now on the browser will show a subset of the card that users see on the mobile handsets. The location of the device is used for the same. Turning off the notifications is easy. If you are a Windows user, you will have to click on the bell icon, which can be seen in the lower corner to the right side of your screen, which will open the Notifications Center.

Those who are using Mac, the icon is sited to the upper right hand corner. When the Notifications Center is opened, proceed from the gear icon and uncheck ‘Google Now’.

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