Google Chrome 51 Features New Credential Management API

Google Chrome 51 is about to hit various devices now. The best feature is that of the new Credential Management API for smooth sign in. process.

Google Chrome 51

Google Chrome 51 is ready to be launched with its new version for not only the Mac, but also Windows. It will also hit Linux after a few days. What you get in the latest version? You get bug fixes, more security and a new Credential Management API that will improve the sign in experience. This will be done by improving upon the password manager inside the Google Chrome 51. Hence, now with a single tap, signing in will be easy on mobile phones and also for those sites that have a regular flow of logins.


Today websites are full of attractive images and videos. Due to these, often the downloading of these sites get slow. Naturally, it’s pretty frustrating for users to wait longer times for the sites to download fully. The new version of Google Chrome 51 improves and allows you to open the sites about 30% faster than the normal times. What’s more, it is also said to decrease power consumption. So, it’s a win-win situation for the users after installing Google Chrome 51.

There have been a number of changes not only for the desktop computer but also for your smartphones. The merge tabs feature has been removed and doing so Chrome was able to fix as many as 42 security bugs. Chrome has added Material bookmark widget for Android. Similarly, there have been a number of changes and updates made for the developers too. Whether it is windows, Mac or Android, Chrome 51 has brought in changes and updates for all. Also the update has been rolling towards Linux too.

We will let you know more about Google Chrome 51 as and when it’s there for the desktop computers as well.


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