Google Daydream VR Released at a Price of $79

Google Daydream VR released today at the Google event. Now, we get to know the price, which is $79. This makes it cheaper than the Samsung Gear VR by $20.

Update: Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Google has launched at the Google event its Daydream VR headset which is going to ship in November at a price of $79. The Google Daydream VR is designed with a soft foam fabric including a plastic panel to hold your smartphone. It’s light and weighs only 220 grams. The VR headset includes a held in Velcro face mask which can be hand-washed and removed. Now, we know from the event that the Daydream VR will be available in Slate color. We can expect Snow and Crimson colored headset & an Off-white colored controller for them during the end of this year. The pre-order starts on 20th October in the US. However, the sale of headsets will start in the first half of November. The official retailers are Best Buy, Verizon, and Google Store. Google Daydream VR will be launched during November in the UK, Canada, Germany and Australia.

Google Daydream VR


As we already know, the October 4 Google event is happening today. It is going to be a huge event which is expected to launch a lot of exciting features and devices. Some of them are – Pixel and Pixel XL phones, Chrome OS-Android merge: Andromeda, New Chromecast 4K, the latest Huawei’s manufactured tablet and Google Home. It is now an old news that Google has been investing time and energy on the Daydream special virtual reality headset for quite some time now. There were already expectations about catching a glimpse of this VR headset at the event. Today, we know the price of the Google Daydream VR too. The Google Daydream VR headset will start shipping to the users around the month end as expected.

The smartphone will be used as the display for the Daydream viewer along with a navigation controller like the Wii remote. Although, there are a lot of Android OEM brands like Alcatel and Huawei who have released Daydream device and it will not be only Google which will support this headset. Google has collaborated with HTC again for this VR headset. We already know that Pixel phones are manufactured by HTC. Everything else will be more clear by tonight when we get to know what gets launched at the Google event. As per a report from Variety, Google is expected to launch this Daydream VR headset at the Google October 4 event today which is priced at $79. Also, they might cut the price of other headsets which can prove to be a competition such as Gear VR by $20 and PC-connected viewers by $100 or maybe more.


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