Google Dialer App Exclusive for the Nexus Devices

With the upgrade of the Google Dialer app, Google not only disappointed a bulk of its users, but also restricted the side loading as well.

Google Dialer App

Google has recently managed to disappoint a lot of its users with upgrading the Google Dialer app and then restricting the side loading too. This is one app no wonder Google didn’t like sharing with the rest. Initially when it was launched for the Marshmallow devices only, people were rejoicing. But Google made sure to change that within hours. They upgraded the app from the old RC8 build to the very recent RC9 build.


This app was very mistakenly released to be compatible with all the Marshmallow devices through Play Store. Google has also confessed to this mistake. But by no means was it planned. All Google wanted is to make an app exclusive to their own nexus devices. After few hours of realizing their mistake they came up with the RC9 version which can only work with the Nexus devices as the version looks for a particular library that is available only with the Nexus devices.

If you are trying to sideload the latest 2.5.12_rc9 version, you will get the following in the logcat:

05-14 17:44:41.932  1175  1200 W PackageManager: Package requires unavailable shared library; failing!

With the Google Dialer being restricted now there can be a lot of disappointment found around. But as people can say there are few things that should be kept only in the family and Google seems to totally agree with the statement. One can try somehow to get the library rooted to their device, but then that would be a loss of time.




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