Google OS For Smartwatches: Google Android Wear

Google has disclosed an operating system Google Android Wear, especially for Smartwatches. The search engine giant will be developing the OS for companies like Motorola’s and LG’s Smartwatches. With this, Google said that it will be a new take on their OS, which will help in speeding up the development of such wearable devices.

Google Android Wear

Google has said that it will start with watches, which is the most familiar wearable device these days. The new OS will be developed keeping in mind tapping the advantage of the increasing stock up of the contextual information about their users.

The US-based company has also promised to bring in functional wearable gadgets that will be serving you four-pronged. The first is that with the help of Android Wear, the devices can answer you straight to your verbal questions after a user activates the Google search with the spoken command “Ok Google”.Android Wear

Secondly, Google Now will be offering personal information reminders that can tap into your calendar.

Thirdly, you can connect the Android Wear Smartwatches to various other devices like your TV set or another of your mobile handsets. This means, with Android Wear, the Smartphone can work like a remote control.

And finally, Android Wear will be able to sync with fitness apps, so collection information related to health will be just a tap away.

Reports from Engadget suggest that LG will be the first company that will run Android Wear on their Smartwatch. The OS will be used in “G Watch”, probably in the upcoming quarter. Apart from LG, Google is also holding talks with other companies like Motorola, Asus and HTC apart from Qualcomm, which will all be Google’s potential hardware partners in developing the Android Wear devices.

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