Google Docs spam in your inbox! DON’T CLICK IT!

Beware, Google users! You might get trapped by the legitimate looking illegitimate Google Docs spam with a malicious link in your inbox.

Google Docs Spam



Google Docs spam
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Have you also received emails – Google Docs spam – from a legitimate source and on opening the Google Docs found malware embedded in it? Well, you are not the only victim of this spam. A whopping spam with Google Docs is targeting Google users through a malicious link and it’s spreading like fire!

These days, there are a lot of spams and such hacks going on around and you should be ready for your online security. And don’t think that even phones like an iPhone are safe too. Last year, we stumbled upon an iPhone bug that allowed the hackers to slip through passwords too.

It looks as some service is there which uses your Google login for authentication to open or read the document attached with the mail. But, it is created by some illegitimate intervention of third party software developer. Unfortunately, it was using the name Google Docs somehow and targeting Google users with this massive account hack. 

The Google Docs attachments were sent to the users using phished Google accounts which asked for the access for sending an email. Or for reading with the help of the access of your account. It indeed was cautionary for everyone. However, it was working well for those who are doing account phishing to obtain confidential information from the internet users. And what better source than Google can they get!

Google soon got the hang of the problem and put its best resources to stop it. We can be safe from these accounts hacking tactics by visiting My account page and disconnecting the access of anything labelled Google Docs and be careful and check carefully before authoring any service. Confirm the source of the sender before opening any document.

The origin of this malware in the Google Docs spam is still not confirmed but Google is already on its toes to solve the issue.


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