Google To Always Use Encrypted Gmail Service

Google has said that their emailing service Gmail will be using encryption to prevent snooping – encrypted Gmail service. This is a new effort from Google to reassure the consumers after the surveillance from the US were revealed.

Encrypted Gmail service

Nicolas Lidzborski, who is the engineering security chief, said “Your email is important to you, and making sure it stays safe and always available is important to us.” The blog post further mentioned that Gmail will be always using the encrypted HTTPS connection be it sending or reading mails.

The change simply means now it will be totally safe to send and receive messages as no one will be able to ‘read’ the messages from the Gmail servers. This also means that it makes no difference if you are using tablet, Smartphone or even public Wi-Fi for accessing your Gmail.

The intelligence agencies from the US are reportedly spying on the activities of the people online and are keeping a watch on what is being shared online. Tech companies are grappling the moves by the agencies and are jumbling up the traffic at their sites.Google Logo

It is not only Google, who is encrypting the data, but there are other big players like Facebook Microsoft and Yahoo. This will prohibit the third parties to read the messages and emails.

Many US companies are inclining towards encryption since the last year volatile revelations that the surveillance capabilities of the (NSA) National Security Agency being leaked in the public. There were some reports that suggested that NSA was able to access Google data centers and some other firms too.

According to experts encryption normally thwarts any outsiders from cutting off someone’s messages. However, unrelenting attempts can give access via a malware. This can ploy a person into giving out his password as well.

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