Google glass 2.0 in progress; New Glassware to Come Up

Google Glass 2.0 is reportedly in progress. The successor to Google Glass is once again in the news for this reason. A new Glasswear is also likely to come up.

Google Glass had gone on sale for the US customers recently. And due to the device likely to show up in the near future, the glass-wear has once again come in the news.

However, it will be a new travel-related Glasswear. Actually, there will be some apps that are meant for Glasswear. As of now, there will be only a few of the apps that include Maps, Search, Foursquare, OpenTable, Tripit and Wood Lens among some more apps.

There is an official post from Google+ about the Google Glass. The post speaks about the experiences from the Explorers who have shared the same with Google. The experiences are related to the travels with the Glass.Google Glass, Google Glass 2.0

The main advantage of having the Google Glass with when travelling is that one always remains connected to technology. There is no doubt that the Glass has become a favorite buddy when travelling. Another upside is one hardly gets lost due to the Maps installed in it.

Google Glass 2.0 in progress

A report from says that the mega search engine is currently busy with the next version of Google Glass. What’s more, the samples of the Google Glass 2.0 are currently under the R & D testing.

Google has given the go-ahead for the Crystal Optech’s Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) technology for their upcoming gadget. It is a display technology. Even the previous edition of the Glasswear used the same display technology.

If the reports are anything to go by, Google has certified this technology through numerous middlemen. The purpose of this is to keep the media away from finding out more about the gadget.

Google Glass 2.0 price and availability

It is a bit unfortunate to mention that neither the pricing details nor the availability is known as of now. The specifications also aren’t available right now. However, it won’t be too soon before Google brings out the Google Glass 2.0. So, those of you who are waiting for the device, please be patient!

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