Google Glass Won’t Have Face-Recognition Feature

Google has promised that it won’t have the face-recognition feature in Google Glass due to privacy issues. This comes after the privacy concerns were raised regarding the internet-connected eye gear, which is also camera enabled. There were some concerns earlier about how much the Google Glass can hamper the privacy if the face-recognition feature comes into effect.

The web giant came out with a message online that they won’t put any such feature unless they first give priority to the privacy and the protection of the same. This message primarily targeted to the developing community that could create apps for the Glass.

As the privacy issue hasn’t been addressed to the complete satisfaction, the company will not be approving any Glassware at the moment. Last month, lawmakers in the United States had questioned the web giant on the privacy issues.

There were as many as eight lawmakers from the US Congressional Privacy Caucus that had written a letter to Google stating that they were curious to know how the technology may breach on the privacy of a normal American citizen. The lawmakers also wanted to know from Google how they could be using the collected data from their eyewear.

There were already questions being raised about Google Glass. Some establishments even said that the people wearing the glasses wouldn’t be welcome in Las Vegas. There were fears of its ban even before its launch. However, major social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter had launched their apps for Google Glasses already.

What can the Google Glasses do for you?

With GG you can connect to the internet, record simple video clips and also allows you to shoot photos. You can also send messages and carry out simple tasks with both touch and audio. You will just have to say “Okay Glass” and then the corresponding command and the Glass will obey you.

What does the Google eyewear connect with?

The Glass can connect to the internet with the help of Wi-Fi and even wirelessly tethered to mobile handsets. Google+ social network allows sharing of pictures and videos.

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