Is Google Glass banned even before its launch?

Google Glass seems to have hit a major roadblock and the chances of its launch have taken a beating. Google Glass, one of the finest inventions in the field of electronics, is expected to remain in the wings for an unspecified time. The sales of Google Glass have been postponed by several months.

But first, let us see what the gadget can do for you. With the Glass, you can easily access the internet, record simple clips and also shoot photos. All this is done by simply putting the GG on. However, all does not seem to be well with the Google Glass.
Google Glass

In Las Vegas, people wearing this glass will certainly not be welcomed. What’s more, West Virginia legislators have even made attempt to declare the use of the gadget as illegal when driving. The questions being raised is whether this device will rob the people of the privacy people do manage to have in the public. Distracting drivers when driving is another concern GG will have to address if they want to overcome these hurdles.

An update of Google Glass has also been released. But the question is how useful will that be if its release itself remains under the scanner.

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