Does Google make your Gmail ID public?

One of the newest features of the popular mailing service Gmail can potentially result in some people getting emails from those people with whom they haven’t even shared their emails IDs. This certainly raises concerns about privacy when using the Gmail.

However, the upside is that the change in the features does allow broadening the list of the contacts in one’s list. This makes available the Gmail addresses of the users along with the names of Google+ users. This makes it possible to send emails to those people straightaway even if they are strangers to you, provided they use Google+.

One of the thoughts behind this is that Google is making efforts to bring the Google+ – Google’s own social network into more active usage. Google+ has around 540 million active users per month. Google is trying to integrate the social network along with the other premier services they offer.

When new people sign up for the Gmail service, they are also given the Google+ account by default. Google says that these services will make it easier to communicate with friends.

Addressing the privacy concerns, Google said that people can make changes in their settings to choose from whom they can receive email messages. Making the changes will allow the Google+ users to get messages from other Google+ users who are in their network only.

There are also views stating that these new changes should have been made ‘opt-in’. This means that the users should agree for receiving messages from other users from the social network instead of having to change the settings manually.

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