Google wants your go-ahead for using your photos and name in ads

Now what Google wants is your permission, your go-ahead for using your photos and name in ads and in product reviews, which will then be sold to various businesses.

Of course, for this, the internet search giant will be making changes in the terms and service taking effect from November 11. So what could come up in the ads? The reviews of the products, restaurants and even songs could find a place in the ads.Google1

Google has termed the feature as “shared endorsements”. Google has shown an example of the new feature – “Katya Klinova,” her face and five-star review appear underneath an ad for Summertime Spas.” – as in And the best thing is that as a user you can opt of sharing the reviews.

Google has said that the photo that they will use on their social network will be the same as the one that is with Google Plus. Google’s social network has around 390 million active users every month.

The web company had parallel settings for the +1 button that was first introduced a couple of years back. The company had for the time being experimented the +1 endorsement with the identity of the users in the ads. Google yesterday said that the option made by the user regarding the +1 endorsements would remain in place.

Facebook had also come up with a related move two months back. Facebook had also brought up the idea of showing the names and the faces of the users in the ads that they had “liked”. However, the privacy groups had strongly criticized the offer.

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