Google Helpouts service – live paid video chat service

Google has launched a new service – the live paid video Google Helpouts service. This is a paid service where you can have a live video chat with the experts. Google says that the experts in the field will provide with step-by-step instructions for even something like marriage counseling.

The new service was introduced Monday. There are a large number of partners who can provide services like computers, fashion, health, fitness, etc. Everything can be done with one-on-one and face-to-face video chatting.Google1

As far as the duration of the video chatting is concerned, it can be just a few minutes and can even extend up to a few hours. It all depends on what solution you are asking for and what the duration can be. The pricing will be set by the service provider.

There will be individual authority to answer the question through video conferencing. However, bigger brands like Weight Watchers, Rosetta Stone and Sephora will also offer solutions through Helpouts.

The new service is being termed as the expansion of Google’s conventional web search service that has been the backbone of the internet giant. Even the web search provides ‘answers’ to the ‘questions’ asked by the users. The ‘questions’ are the queries or keywords typed in the search textbox, while the ‘answers’ are the web pages, where the search results lead to.

Google still remains the top most search engine in the world today. However, there are a lot of people who ask their friends for recommendations on social networking sites like Facebook about a certain movie or a tourist spot, or even a restaurant for that matter.

So how will Google earn from this program? Here is the answer. Google will be taking 20% of the fee that will be collected by the service providers. However, as of now, the search engine giant will waive the fee for the Health category only.

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