Google Home Unveiled with Various Features, costs $129

The much anticipated, Google Home is out now with a lot of features. It is actually a Wi-Fi speaker that can also work as an assistant. Continue reading, to get a detailed insight about the device.

Google Home


Google Home is something like a Wi-Fi speaker that functions like a smarthome control centre for your entire family. You can use it as an assistant to play entertainment in your house, manage daily tasks (that sometimes seems tiring), and you can also enquire Google about the things you wish to know.

Together with Google Home, the launch has also witnessed the much awaited, Google Pixel phones. Google’s all new devices are bang on our expectations. Coming back to Home, that seems to become an important part of our life. With an amazing speaker that consists of dual side-facing passive radiators, Home gives a blend of clear highs and rich bass.

Google’s Home serves as a medium of entertainment which can be utilised to playback various channels. Its design is inspired by various things that are present at your home, like lamps, bottles, etc. The device features the interchangeable bottoms so now you will be able to pick up six different colours as per your wish. There are a metal and fabric finish for the device and this lets you customise the device as per your preferences.

The top of Google Home places a touch display coupled having four LEDs. These will assist you to use Home, like adjusting of Volume, activating Google Assistant, and more. Google’s Home lacks any buttons at the top of it, instead, there is a speaker placed just below the swappable shell. This can play music for you and can enable Google Assistant also. A mute button is positioned on the shell.

For Google Home, the company says that it is a perfect device that can filter sounds and additionally it can also differentiate sounds from the available noise and delivers, “best-in-class voice recognition”.

Let’s see what the features are.

Play Music and Videos

You can play music and videos with you Google Home, and it would not be a ticklish job anymore. The device could play music straight from the Cloud and because of the high-class speaker, it can deliver a rich sound. Furthermore, you can play all your favourite music, albums, artists, etc. that are localised on your smartphone. All you need to do is just transfer your loved music to the device through Google Cast. The best part is you don’t need to hold your phone all the time. It will automatically play the music by just listening to your voice. You say it and Google Home will play it, simple isn’t it?


Google Cast support also helps you to use Home to control the video content. And all you need to do is, just give a voice command and it will work accordingly. Just place a verbal command to Home, and it will play your favourite serial or comedy show on your television directly.

The Google Cast support enables Google Home to command all other speakers at your home. If you are a music lover, then it might sound quite interesting to you. There is also a multi-room playback option, which enables you to append as many devices to a number of speakers. Now this sounds exhilarating, don’t you think so?


Manage Tasks

To proceed further, Google Home Features will help you to perform almost all the basic daily jobs, like maintaining a shopping list, scheduling a meeting, setting a routine, and more. Additionally, it supports popular network systems and so you will be able to control doors, switches, smart lights, and more. And all this is possible by just sending a voice command to the device. We saw the news earlier that Google Home will work with Samsung’s SmartThings and now it’s truly doing so.

With an intent to making Google Home to become more usable and a pivot role of our life, Google says it would work with the developers. So that it can control more varied things such as ordering lunch, booking a table in a restaurant, etc.

Let’s Make a Google Search

The new Home features also enable you to make a search on the web. For this, you have to give a voice command and ask anything (just similar way as we do with Google) to Home. And the plus point is, Google Home is packed with Google Assistant, and we know Google Assistant for its machine learning capabilities. Thus, you can ask many follow up questions like we do in one-on-one interactions.

Now, when you ask Google Home something like, “Where does Michael Schumacher stay?” And after getting the response you can ask another related question like “What is the latest news about him?” Home will transform the “him” here to Michael Schumacher, thanks to Google Assistant. The list of benefits doesn’t end here; Google’s Home can also read the web pages for you.

Supporting Services

Google Home is so smart that it can play music from your favourite application. And because the device is supported by Google Assistant, this actually helps Home to learn user’s preferences and choices. The device supports YouTube Music, Google Play Music, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Pandora, and TuneIn.

Price and Availability

Google Home is currently available for pre-orders in the United States with a price tag of $129. And the device will be reaching you from Best Buy, Walmart, and Target. There is an additional offer provided by the company that includes six months of trial coupled with free YouTube Red.

Customers will get three colour options that include Marine, Mango, and Violet. And the swappable bases will come in Snow, Carbon, and Copper tops.


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