Google Keep Features: Material Redesign and More

The new Google Keep features are now worth taking a look at bringing material redesign along with link previews. It brings along the latest list of features.

Google Keep Features

The latest noteworthy update to Google Keep features was a couple of months back. It was the addition of Chrome extension that allowed users to save and/or add notes easily. And now, the app has got an update that brings in some more useful things to help the users like a breeze.

Google Keep features now has a new change like the other web apps from Google. It has a lot of features but majority does not know anything about it. Recently it added a new feature that is a Chrome extension. It allows you to quickly send a note or a selected text to a new note – as said above. The hash tag labels are used to link the notes together. These are some great Google Keep features, as these are welcome changes for those who like to have their apps store their shopping lists. One of its features includes auto complete food related entries.


It can also detect whether it is a duplicate or not. Another feature is that when users want to attach a link to a note, a preview will appear below that which comprises the domain, page title and the picture. Some more Google Keep features are like a quick button for you to view the URL immediately. You can even alter between the grid and the list view. The yellow app toolbar appears just like it is in Google+. It also includes a search bar, refresh, web app launcher and the notification tray. There is also a hamburger menu.

You will find all these features especially on the Android, iOS and web. So you can read this article if you want to know about the latest features of Google Keep.


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