Google to launch two new Android phones

Web giant Google Inc. will be soon coming up with two new Android phones. Terming the phones as “sophisticated”. Google to launch two new Android phones which are currently in the development stage. One of the phones is being made in the US and has the distinction of being assembled there.

HTC One Smartphone is customized and is said to be the “Google’s take on Android”. The phone will be making the debut during the June 26 conference in the US. The price of the gadget is stated to be $599. It will be the edition based on Google made by HTC, a Taiwan-based company.

The handset will work with carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T. just a day before the announcement came from Google, the Motorola Mobility head Dennis Woodside also made an announcement that it was readying to release the first ever Smartphone since Google purchased it.

The phone would be recognized by the name Moto X. This Smartphone that will be built in the US for in the next three months. The components for the phone would arrive from different parts of the world with Taiwan and the US being the two prominent places.

The Moto X would be built with sensors like the accelerometers and gyroscopes. This will help the handset to adapt to the surrounding conditions easily.

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