Google launching prepaid debit card service

Google Inc. will be launching the prepaid debit card service. This will enable the users to make purchases at the stores as well as withdraw cash from ATM machines as people normally do these days.

No wonder, the service is available only in the US.Google1

The service will allow the users to use the funds that rest in the Google Wallet account. It must be mentioned that Google Wallet is an app for Smartphones and online payments. That allows the users buying and transferring money to and from each other.

The latest debit card service can be used at literally hundreds and thousands of locations provided they accept MasterCard apart from using them at any standard ATM machine. The information was provided by the Google statement that was accessed on their official blog.

The best thing about the card is that it comes totally free. Card users will not have to pay any sort of monthly or annual fee to operate them. One of the aims behind allowing users to have free access is to get information about their purchasing habits which will give Google a better chance in the field of commerce.

Google also had plans for the consumer credit card. However, the plans had to be abandoned after Google Wallet’s head Osama Bedier left Google in the month of May. The report was accessed from AllThingsD, a technology blog.

A couple of years back, Google had started offering an AdWords Business credit card. The card was supposed to use for those consumers who wanted to purchase ads on their web site.

The card that is now introduced will be doing a world of good to Google. The company is targeting collecting the data like the description of the purchased goods, the amount spent in the transaction and of course the name and the address of the people. Google can then better serve ads with the data in hand.

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