Google making internet that’s more than 1,000 times faster

Google is staring at a possibility of having internet connections that are more than 1,000 times faster. In short, Google wants to have internet speeds that will be 10 gigabit per second.

These speeds are roughly 1000 times faster than what are known to be the average speed of the internet connections in the United States. The entire United States is still waiting for these super-fast connections, which are accessible in places like Kansas City and Chattanooga, Tennessee.Google Logo

Google plans to have the 10 gigabit per second of lightening speed in the near future. The information was given by Patrick Pichette, who is the Chief Financial Officer of Google, during a press conference at San Francisco.

“After one gig, it will be 10 gigs,” said Patrick Pichette and added that Google has already started work to achieve the target. Even though Google is looking to achieve that high speed, there isn’t any possibility that the web giant will usher in the service anytime soon.

Google always looks to make their products better and push the boundaries of our innovation. However, providing this service isn’t on the agenda of the company at the moment. Google will carry on pushing for the positive changes in the field of commercial internet service.

It was in 2012 when Google brought out Kansas City gigabit. After that, services were announced for Austin, Texas and Utah along with Provo. However, Google’s rivals didn’t look to keen to follow the competition with faster internet speeds.

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