Google Maps beats Facebook as most used app worldwide

Image from GlobalWebIndex blog

Google Maps has beaten Facebook to be the most used app worldwide. It came to the fore when the list of the most used Smartphone apps in the world was out. It was a race to the top and Google easily went past Facebook.
The list, according to GlobalWebIndex, shows that there are at least 54 per cent of the world’s Smartphone users that are actively using Google Maps each and every month. It must be mentioned that the primary rival of Google Maps, Apple Maps is nowhere in the list.
According to the report, the Google app is proving to be the “go-to solution for lost and confused consumers”.
Facebook’s Mobile App follows Google Maps to be on the second on the list with an estimated of 44 per cent of Smartphone users using the app. The Facebook app is sandwiched between Google apps as there are again Google products following Facebook at the third and the fourth spot.
YouTube comes third with an estimated usage of 35 per cent, while G+ Mobile App comes in fourth with approximately 30 per cent of worldwide usage on Smartphones.
WeChat comes in at number five with 27 per cent of people using the app, which was just recently launched in India. The sixth spot is occupied by Twitter’s Mobile App. It is used by about 22 per cent of active users.
Skype and Facebook Messenger follow next in the list at the seventh and the eighth spot respectively. At the ninth spot is WhatsApp just behind Facebook Messenger. WhatsApp, at the ninth number commands 17 per cent of the usage.
The 10th app in the list is again from the house of Facebook, Instagram. 11 per cent of users use the Facebook-owned app. The report mentions about Instagram that the growth of the app has been a bit sluggish since the first quarter of this year.

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