Google Maps for Android Update Adapts with Calendar

Calendar with user’s upcoming event’s destination, now to be navigated by Google maps for Android update. Read on to know more on how it works.

Google Maps for Android Update


Shortest and fastest navigation to your destined location, especially in big cities and towns, is a major boon. Google maps for that case has proven to be a blessing for every traveller. Google Maps for Android update has brought a unique summation of Google Maps and Calendar. It basically shows the optimum navigation to the destination of the user’s upcoming events.

Your places is a section on Google maps. This section contains the upcoming event’s destination. The ‘Upcoming tab’ section in Google Maps will show the forthcoming reservations. To avail this feature, one needs to fill the ‘where’ column, while creating an event in the calendar. Once you’ve created an event with the appropriate date and destination, it automatically reflects on the Google Maps. Users need not work extra for loading his/her event’s destination in the Google maps. Once the Google map has the idea of your destination, it readily shows the fastest and the shortest route to reach there.

For an extra focus, Google Maps have also added the facility to post stickers on your smartphone home screen. The frequently visited places can also be added to the screen for an add-on benefit. Users visiting the same place too often, now do not need to search that particular destination again and again on Google maps. You just need to create its shortcut on the smartphone’s home screen and your work is done! Just one click and you get navigated. These incredible updates have already started to please the Android customers. Talking about iPhone users, there is still no news for an update on Google Maps.

Google Maps for Android update has already got its new addition. ‘OK Google’ activation, is the newest addition. This feature allows its users to proceed with navigation without even touching the smartphone. Isn’t that amazing? The voice command will help the users to fix a destination, or change the route for that destination and more. Google Maps have taken a step ahead to amaze its users with valuable features. Do write us in our comments section, on how do you think these updates would work with Google maps and also share your experience.


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