Google May Incorporate Changes to Gmail

Google is likely to bring changes to Gmail. The changes are likely to be made in the design and the users may get a Gmail new user interface very soon.

Changes to Gmail

It is not only about bringing in changes to Gmail, but it is more than that. Actually, the users will get an overhaul of the entire Gmail page apart from interacting with the mailing service.

However, it’s difficult to say now how the new design, which hasn’t yet been known to the world, will bring in the reviews from the users. Some of the users are likely to frown at the thought of having a new design to Gmail as they have got used to the older one. came up with the news about the new changes to Gmail. The report further mentioned that there are some tests currently undergoing. The changes are being done to make the interface more user-friendly. Another change that is likely to be incorporated is to bring the desktop version of the mailing service to the mobile version as well.Gmail, Changes to Gmail

As a matter of fact, the current interface has been in place just recently. There are the tabs at the top of the mails, which makes it easier to access mails. However, the users might not welcome the new move as they got used to the current interface pretty soon.

We don’t know what amount of changes there will be, but they are said to be ‘extreme’.

Fly-in menu

According to the reports, the fly-in menu could be the biggest change. This change goes hand in hand with the Hangouts design. This will be kept at the opposite side of the page. So, in short, a user will be able to open whatever they want. And this can be done by allowing the user to go back to the inbox.

It is still unknown when the changes will be implemented or when they will be announced, if any. The tests are apparently in very premature stages.

If you are a fan of Gmail and especially the current design, be ready to welcome something different, even if you may not like it.

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