Google Pixel 3 Laptop Launch Next Year Features Andromeda

Google Pixel 3 laptop is going to launch in quarter three next year and reports suggest that it will be the first device to feature the Chrome-Android merger called Andromeda OS.

Google Pixel 3


As we already know by now that the October 4 Google event is teasing the Chrome OS and Android merge codenamed as Andromeda OS. Now, the latest report from Reuters suggests that the Google Pixel 3 laptop which is launching in 2017 will be featuring the Andromeda OS. Google is coming up with hardware plans and announcing Andromeda- Chrome-Android merger. According to the reports, Google will also unveil 2 Android smartphones, 4K Chromecast, Google WiFi and more.

It is going to be a huge event as people have been waiting for the merger of Chrome OS and Android for a really long time now. As per Android Police, Andromeda is being tested by Google on an ultra-thin laptop called Bison internally. This ultra-thin laptop will be known as Pixel 3 laptop when it gets launched. The CEO of Google Sundar Pichai has been reportedly planning and executing works like bringing Google Play Store for Chrome OS and also the very famous effort of merging the Chrome and Android.

Just like Andromeda OS which is getting launched by Google, other brands like Microsoft and Apple have also tried to adapt this. macOS on desktop & iOS on mobile and Windows 10 by Microsoft are examples which prove the company’s efforts on making lives easier. As far as Bison is concerned, it is like Lenovo’s Yoga series because it is also an ultra-thin convertible laptop. It is powered by Intel Core m Series 7th generation processor . It has a 12.3-inch display with a storage capacity of approximately 32GB to 128GB and will come in two storage bundles reportedly in 8GB RAM and 16GB RAM.

Although, Intel has been continuing to offer only m7 these days. So basically, it can be expected that Intel processor can be upgraded to Core i processor from Core m processor. Along with this, just like MacBook, Bison also sports a backlit keyboard and force detection glass trackpad. Google is also trying to come with devices which are less thick than 10mm. As per reports, we can expect Google Pixel 3 to launch around the Q3 in the year 2017. Now, the wait is to see whether or not the October 4 Google event announces Andromeda OS and what other offerings will be unveiled.


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