Google Pixel Assistant to Allow You to Play Trivia Game

Now the new Google Pixel Assistant allows you to say “I’m Feeling Lucky”, and in return, it will give you a hidden trivia game, the Trivial Pursuit. Feeling excited? Just continue your read.

Google Pixel Assistant

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So people who are wondering about Google Pixel Assistant, which will be open to developers this December, you can find the details. To start with, you must have visited the site to search something (Google answers almost everything on earth, sigh!). We know that it is quite fast in its work as well. So when you enter on the browser, you get to see the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button right below the search box.

Google Pixel Assistant

The button is specifically prepared to carry users to the first search result that Google brings to you without even browsing them on the search results page. This is how Google works accurately to deliver the search results that is based particularly on each individual term.

Now you will see the I’m Feeling Lucky as the Google Pixel Assistant. Sounds interesting! You might have interpreted; this new version of Assistant is only available on the Pixel devices. All you have to say is you are feeling lucky. Then the Google Pixel Assistant opens a game for you, the hidden trivia game.

Google Pixel Assistant

Then the Google Pixel Assistant inquires about the number of the people playing the game. If you are all alone, you can choose play alone and start playing. Additionally, it allows other members or players to join the game. Players will have to participate and turn wise need to answer the hidden trivia game. The member having the highest score wins the game.

It’s nothing great that Google has added, but still, it’s an interesting feature. And these are the little things that make Google’s Pixel device somewhere special and unique among their counterparts.

A point worth noting is that the Google Pixel Assistant won’t function on the preview version that is found on the Allo app.

Google Pixel Assistant

So the moment you receive your Google Pixel or Pixel XL, do try the Google pixel Assistant. Google Pixel series will go on pre-orders starting from October 25. There are plenty of more amazing things that you could perform using your latest Google device. So watch out for the Google Pixel Assistant and let us know how you like it.


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