Google Pixel Pricing $649: Financing Available

Google Pixel pricing for the smaller phones will start at $649. The financing is also available with accidental damage coverage and 1-year warranty.

Google Pixel Pricing

There has been news about Google Pixel pricing and that Google won’t come up next with a Nexus phone. As we all know by now, that Google is launching its latest Pixel phones. Pixel is an HTC manufactured device, but the distribution setting of the phone is expected from Google. And as it is HTC manufactured, the cost of the phone can go a little higher than what we thought. According to the latest developments, the smaller Google Pixel phone will have a starting Google Pixel pricing of $649. This price makes it clear that the Pixel XL will be costlier than this.

The confidence we have on this rumor can be rated six out of ten. Six points only because even if we trust the source, there is no primary material for backing up the same. Also, the price of the device can change before the launch date. There were earlier rumors about Pixel XL starting price to be $649 but this source negates this news. Because according to the current source, the smaller 5-inch Pixel phone will start with this price. The claim also says that the 32GB smaller version will have this price but we are not too sure about this.

These phones will have the Google Daydream View headset which comes at a less solid price. The source claimed the cost to be $80 but it might change before the actual release. According to the source, Google is providing Pixel financing options which will be helpful for the expensive Pixel XL model mostly. These financing will not need Fi and the markets offering this are still not disclosed.

As far as the Google Pixel pricing along with the offers is concerned, a coverage for accidental damage including one year warranty available for Pixel and Pixel XL for $99 and $119 respectively. Google is supposed to sell a number of Google branded cases for all the phone which will be clear and colored. These phones will be available to get sold at the Google Store. It’s not necessary to be sold only on Verizon which is an exclusive retail partner of Google and will sell Pixel in-store. We have been hearing that the Pixel phone will be available in three colors namely BlackBlue and Aluminium. The Blue is rumored to be very bright. It will be announced officially on 4th October as expected as Google is yet to spill the beans about more specifications.


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