Google Play Store Battery Life Bothers Android Lovers

Google Play Store battery life causes trouble for its Android users. This is probably for the first time that Google is in the headlines for the wrong reasons.

Google Play Store Battery Life


Being the world’s largest search engine, Google occupies a prominent place this time for all the inappropriate reasons. The firm develops the Android software for smartphones and also offers various platforms among which Google Maps is highly beneficial for tracking locations. Reports state that tracking locations on Android devices since the last week has been causing troubles to a few users.

Also, there are the Google Play Store battery life issues in the recent version of the store, which is v6.9.15. Users have reported their grievances saying that despite making attempts to remove the GPS tracking notifications it still persisted. The complaints have been acknowledged by Google in its Product Forums.

Though the Google Play store battery life battery problems have surfaced now, are you aware that you can save on laptop battery drain thanks to Google Chrome?

It was a security researcher who accused Google of tracking locations round the clock of all the Android users via Google Play account. It was detected that if GPS location tracking is disabled for Google Play services, the location services for all the other apps gets disabled automatically. This causes a great deal of inconvenience for the users because whenever they need to search for any location they have to keep this defect in mind. However, in July last year, reports claimed that Samsung had a technology for doubling the lithium ion battery capacity.

Google positively reacting to these reports expressed that they will try and fix the situation as soon as possible. It suggested its users to go back to the earlier version of the Play – the v5.1.11 in case of any defaults. As for now, there are no complaints of any sort of hassles with the older version. This strategy has been adopted by the complainants for the time being.

Google Play Community Manager Amanda voiced her opinion in this matter stating hoping to bring out a solution to the Google Play Store battery life:

“We identified a bug affecting a small number of users in a recent release of the Google Play. For users in the error state, the Google Play app was unable to obtain GPS, causing it to make frequent unsuccessful requests and use battery. We will be rolling out a fix in the next few days.”


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