Google Play’s second birthday: Sales with special offers on games

Google Play’s second birthday, as expected came with sales with special offers on games.

As a matter of fact, the Android Market was renamed as Google Play a couple of years ago. It was on 5 March, 2014 that the Google Play became two years old. As it was expected there would be discounts and freebies. But, it wasn’t until Thursday that the freebies couldn’t get rolling due to various time-zones.

‘Special offer on great games’ was tagged as ‘Google Play Birthday Present’, which was seen on the home page of the Play Store. There was also a message from Google that read, “Let’s celebrate Google Play’s 2nd birthday with us! Enjoy great games and do not miss special offers!”

On the occasion of the second birthday of Google Play, a range of games are being offered at a discount rate. Venture Towns, Final Fantasy V and Radiohammer are some of the games that were available at lowered prices. Other games like Dungeon Keeper and Hay Day had in-game goodies free along with them, but only for a limited time.

In Australia, the Google Play birthday started at least two days in advance than the actual date. FIFA 2014, Theme Park for gratis and the Disaster Movie were available for 99 Aussie cents. However, for this, a user will have to access the Google Play store and make a relevant search. The reason is that the deals aren’t displayed voluntarily.

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