Google Project Loon to give internet access to 4.7 billion people

The ambitious project from the web giant Google Project Loon, which is targeting around 4.7 billion people to give them internet access via balloons. These balloons are actually antennas that will beam internet for remote areas on the earth.

The balloons that come in jellyfish-shaped have a task at hand – to get the entire planet connected to the internet. Google Project Loon was one of the top-secret programs on which Google was working for almost 18 months now.Project Loon1

The project was kicked off from New Zealand and about 50 households were even connected to the internet. The balloons that offer the internet connection float almost 19 KMs above the earth’s surface.

The project is still in a very initial stage and a lot of things still remain to be tested. However, over time Google plans to launch thousands of balloons. This will bring the remotely-placed areas on earth under the internet cover.

It is estimated that there are around 2.2 billion people who have internet access as against 4.8 billion people. Google aims at reducing the number of people without a net connection.

It is still too premature to comment on the future of the project. But if the experiment is successful, these balloons will save hundreds of thousands of dollars to install fiber-optic cables as well as introduce internet in many parts of Africa.

The most important things have been kept under the wraps – the investment and the charges. Google hasn’t yet disclosed the bucks they are investing in the Project Loon. The web company also hasn’t come up with the charges for the customers when the services will actually start running.

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  1. Via balloons Woww!! I can’t believe it….and antena’s I mean what else may be around the corner to surprise us in the future. Keep up the good work ABHIJIT BANGAL.
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