Google Search Engine Solely For Mobile: Google’s New Project

Google search engine for mobile phones is the latest assignment, undertaken by the tech giant. Google is currently planning out the whole project. It will be released within few months.

Google Search EngineGoogle-Search-Engine

The Google search engine is one of the most efficient and useful browsers, that one can ever find these days. It bears the potential to help users locate absolutely anything in the world. It has the answer to man’s every query and problem. It is nothing short of genius. That’s why people everywhere, have become addicted and dependent on it. Well, Google realises the importance of its Search Engine. Therefore, in order to make the lives of users a bit easier, it is planning to roll out a modified browser for mobile users. 

Just recently, Google brought the concept of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in the mobile world. This application enabled faster loading of web pages while saving 10 times more mobile data at the same time. Now, the tech giant aims to improve the search experience and make it even better. Thus, it is planning to design a new Google Search Index for mobile phones. Google’s Gary Illyes himself confirmed the news on Search Engine Land. He further added that the new mobile index will be launched within a few months. However, he did not mention a specific timeline for its release.

The report by Search Engine Land further told that Google had been working on this concept for the past one year at SMX East. The details on the project have been kept under the shadows, but the report hinted about some components of the project. Commenting on the new Google Search Engine for mobile, it said:

“The most substantial change will likely be that by having a mobile index, Google can run its ranking algorithm in a different fashion across “pure” mobile content rather than the current system that extracts data from desktop content to determine mobile rankings.” 

Google expects that the new Google Search Engine will be as successful as their AMP Project. Over the past year, around 600 million AMP documents were conceived in 104 languages. It was an instant hit with all mobile users. The tech giant wishes for the same results, for their upcoming project. They really hope that their efforts to make search experience for mobile users easier, pays off well some day.


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