Google self-driving cars easily navigate the freeways

The Google self-driving cars are at least built in a way that can easily navigate the freeways. The driverless cars are ‘bold’ enough to make their way through such freeways pretty comfortably.

The cars, though, do have a driver at hand even if the cars are motoring on the freeways. Most of the times, though, the drivers are more of passengers than anything else.

However, the problem for the cars arises when it comes to driving in the city. The challenge for Google is to make sure that the driverless cars can manage it on their own on city roads where walkers and bikers can be astray at times.

There was a post on Monday in the blog that read that one year back handling urban situations could have been a challenge, but not now. The test cars were better equipped to handle such conditions.

The project director of Google self-driving cars, Chris Urmson said that the team is heading towards a more achievable goal. It is indeed not too far when the cars will be easily driven by only computers and will not require human help or intervention.

It must be mentioned that the post by the project director was the first official update on the progress two years back for having a driverless car.

Google is planning to have the self-driving cars’ technology in the market by the year 2017. The human drivers will be there, initially, in case there is any problem with the computer or if it fails. The next level of the car is that the driver could be doing any other thing apart from driving as the car keeps pushing itself.

Google self-driving cars will be a reality soon as they believe that cars with computers will be able to drive far safely than human beings. Moreover, the robot cars will also help in reducing traffic troubles.

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