Google Showroom: A Tour of Google Products

Google has finally opened it’s temporary Google showroom.This showroom in New York does not sell the products. But instead gives a tour of Google’s products.

Google Showroom in Soho


Google has finally opened its Google showroom in Soho, New York. This is the company’s first real world showroom. The showroom does not exactly sell the products. Rather the  showroom is a pop-up store to actually showcase its products. The customers can actually experience the features of its products and judge accordingly. Talking about the interiors of the showroom, a wall in the store is creatively decorated with Google colors. Blocks with colors red, blue, yellow and green are arranged to give it a different eye-catchy look.

Soho is one of the best places for the company to give a tour of its products. The Google showroom has mostly added its newly released products. The customers can get some hands on the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, that we already talked about so you know everything about them.Pixel a Google product is a smartphone which has features working on Artificial Intelligence. Pixel just began its shipping on Thursday, while the pre-orders had already started on Flipkart for the Indian market. Apart from the smartphones, the buyers can have a look and experience the features of Google Home as well.

In the recent times, Google has brought a lot of new things for its customers. From releasing new products to upgrading versions to opening a store. This can actually turn out to be a chance for Google to realize that whether they should follow the Apple’s lead or not. Apple also has a store in Soho. This store is just a few blocks away from the Google showroom. Pixel being a competition to Apple iPhone 7. Google has finally moved a step forward to take on Apple’s iPhones.

The Google showroom is a temporary a pop-up shop. It’ll be open until the end of this year. Tell us your views on Google’s first real world showroom.


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