Google+ update: Now discover posts +1’d by your friends

An update from Google+ will help you discover posts +1’d by your friends. Google claims to have made it simpler for the users to find out the recommendations by the friends in the stream of the feeds. Google will also intermittently highlight the posts on Google+.

These posts will be those that were +1’d by the users in the circle. And if a user +1’s a post, Google can highlight the same for the friends in the circles to see. The update allows the users to change the settings to determine who can see the +1s highlighted in streams.

In all such cases, the friends of a certain user will be able to see the +1s as well as the posts they could view earlier. There is another option for a user where he is allowed to refuse permission for the volume of activities emanating from a certain circle. A user can exclude such activity from “Home” fully.
Shimrit Ben-Yair confirms that the new features from Google will be accessible after a few days.

In the last month, the social networking platform from Google has turned two. Google has launched a cluster of plugins on the occasion, the way Apple had launched free iOS apps for celebrating the fifth anniversary of Apple App Store.

The new plugins will help the visitors in connecting with the developers in Google+. There is a fresh Follow button, updated badges for Profiles and Pages as well as the latest badge for Communities.

The latest Google+ Follow button will allow a visitor to follow a developer directly from his/her site. As far as the badges are concerned, they can be easily configured. And that’s why it will be easy too with the site of a developer.

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