Google Wi-Fi is Here to Replace Your Traditional Routers

Google Wi-Fi opens the door for better connectivity in your home. It replaces your old router as it uses mesh technology. Here is the new way to connect all devices in your home. Let’s look into the enlightened points.

Google Wi-Fi


Google Wi-Fi working pattern is different from other routers that we used to keep at our home. The company has also talked about mesh technology previously. The technology can provide nice connectivity within the home.

Google also put a test report in its blog for comparisons with other companies providing mesh systems. Allion USA who did the testing for Google with Eero and Lumia has assorted the reports. To proceed with Allion has first considered two units from each system and connected them in a two-storey house with a total of 3000 square foot area. It then tested the WiFi connectivity from various other locations of the house.

The official Google blog shows a diagram showing the speeds in Mbps that Allion has measured in these locations. The report clearly depicts that Google Wi-Fi stands out among the others with fastest internet connectivity in the house area.

Google claims that its Wi-Fi will outperform other mesh routers because we built it from the ground up to provide fast Wi-Fi in every room.


The blog further says that Wi-Fi is coupled with HGA (high-gain antenna). It is also powered by amplifiers, which turns the signal stronger and is also able to reach distant places of your home. Elaborating on the point segment, Google details there is a quad-core network processor in each and every point. Additionally, there is fast packet forwarding engine alongside dual gigabit Ethernet ports. So now you are good to go for fulfilling all your internet needs.

Furthermore, the points will give AC1200 802.11ac on every device, so you can move your device outside as well. So here is some further help that Google extended to you. There will be dual-band bundled with dual-concurrent radios that are compatible with every Wi-Fi devices you possess. Moreover, the Network Assist software is always present to manage and help on any tough settings issue in the background.

Google Wi-Fi is now available and you can pre-order for it through online on Google Store. Do tell us whether you wish to move along with Google’s amazing Wi-Fi.


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  1. I’ve had some time to test Google Wifi, Google’s own vision of how we should connect our devices at home to the internet.

    That vision is a “mesh” network, where you have multiple units that actively communicate with each other to provide a strong, fast WiFi signal throughout your home instead of a single WiFi router, which might not reach that deepest, darkest WiFi dead zone.


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