Hand Gestures to Make Smartphones Even Smarter

Hand gestures will soon come in the picture and Smartphones will soon be even smarter. It is time Smartphones grew smarter and with help of a set of pre-defined gestures it is going to be even easier. Gone are the days when devices were just smart. So, how will gestures help in making life easier? Find out the answers below.

Hand Gestures for Smartphones

Hand gestures will soon make your life easier with the use of Smartphones. The progress and the development made in the field of technology was one day going to make this all possible. Researchers are constantly working on improvements and the efforts have paid off.

The new technology developed by the researchers will now allow you to use your Smartphone with hand gestures only. The expertise in question is a wireless technology. It can identify the movements of your hands – the hand gestures.


This makes it possible to identify the actions and perform a certain command accordingly. Most of the work related to the technology is finished and it is time to unveil it.

3D Gesture Sensors

It is understood that the new Smartphones will be using the 3D gesture sensors. Scientists are known to have introduced the 3D gesture sensors technology in the device. The technology will be used in phone cameras.

The battery consumption for using the hand gestures will be comparatively higher than used for other features in a normal Smartphone. Apart from that, the phone will also need a clear view from the camera to understand the gestures.

Brains Behind the Technology

Shwetak Patel, a researcher of Indian origin and Matt Reynolds has put their efforts behind this technology. The two are professors University of Washington and teach the subject Electrical and Computer Science engineering. It is their subject knowledge that has helped them in a great way to develop the hand gestures.

Claim on the Expertise

The expertise is still to become public, so the hand gestures technology is liable to be doubtful. However, to make claims towards the authenticity of the new development, a report about the same has been published.

It says, if a person is engaged on a phone call, a radio signal will be transmitted to the service provider. Next, when the user makes any movements in the vicinity of the device, the signals are reflected to the device.

Accordingly, a novel outline makes use of a number of antennas for catching the progressions. They can then be differentiated to make sense and carry out the expected operation.

It now remains to be seen how the 3D gesture sensors technology responds to the hand gestures to bring in a new technology for Smartphones. One thing is for certain. Once we get the new ‘smart’ phones, life will get a new dimension too.

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