Hands-free Voice Search for Google Chrome beta

Just like the Google Glass, Google Chrome also comes with ‘ears’. Just say “OK Google” and voila, your browser will obey you like an obedient child.

For a long time the Google is looking at the search box exactly like a command line. This necessitates the text typed with a keyboard. However, when it comes to the mobile handsets, speaking out the commands is more suitable than typing the search term.

Google has been taking efforts to develop a successful voice recognition system, which will make the progress of searching on the internet smoother. Goog-411 service, introduced in the year 2007 was one of the first steps, which stands discontinued.

Around three years ago, Google brought out spoken-word queries for the desktop computers through their browser Chrome. The last year saw some reasonable improvements in Google’s attempts to bring Voice Search more effectively. The improvements were both for the desktop as well as mobile devices.

However, a manual trigger is required to enable the Voice Search as late as the last November. For that Google had introduced ‘hotwording’ – a Google Chrome extension. This is one of the ways that allows Chrome to prepare for voice input. Even the Google Glass uses the trigger word ‘OK Glass’.

Last week there was some more improvement in the Voice Search as Chrome doesn’t need any extension now. Of course, this is still in the Beta mode for desktop. The search is now available as hands-free.

Ji Adam Dou, who is an engineer with Google, said that “With the latest Chrome Beta, you can search by voice on Google — no typing, clicking or hand-washing required.” Ji Adam Dou further elaborated how easy it was to use the feature. The steps are easy. First open a new tab alternatively open Google.com. Then use the trigger ‘OK Google’ and immediately start speaking your search term.

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