The Heartbleed Bug: Ways to Protect Yourself [Update]

We had yesterday reported to you about the Heartbleed bug. The internet has experienced one of the most horrifying days in history as nearly two-thirds of the internet is said to have been affected. So, are the one who is affected and what action do you need to take?

There are millions of users on Facebook and Google and both of these sites have been affected. So, if you use either Facebook or Google (or both of them, which many of us do), it is time to change the passwords.

Twitter and LinkedIn are two other social networking sites that are popular in the cyberspace. However, both of them maintain that they were not affected by the Heartbleed bug. And so there is no need to change the passwords for their members.

Tumblr and Yahoo are two other popular sites and have been affected. They advise you to change the password. So, those of you who are users of these sites, please be sure to change your passwords soon.

GoDaddy has taken a hit and you need to change your password here too. Dropbox, LastPass, OKCupid are some more sites in this list of affected sites where you need to get a new password.

AOL and Hotmail/Outlook were also not affected, so no need to alter your password there as they were either not using vulnerable version of OpenSSL or were not running OpenSSL. Amazon, another big name in internet was also not affected.

Apart from the above mentioned companies, you would need to test a site for yourself. So, you can head to a service like

Time for changing passwords

You can change the passwords for those services where the companies that have confirmed the patch and are now secure. Go through some tips for creating safe passwords and what you need to avoid.

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