Hidden Chat Themes: Allo 2.0 Has Some Cool Surprises

Did you know that Google’s Allo 2.0 will have some hidden chat themes? Isn’t that interesting? There will be certainly some surprises when you get to see these colorful themes.

Hidden Chat Themes


Google Allo that went live at the end of the last month, but with a key defect, is already ready with its v2.0. And the hidden chat themes is one feature that’s catching attention. Isn’t that interesting? Google has already made sure that there will be certainly some surprises for the users when they get to see these colorful themes as well. There were already features like the Google Assistant, the Incognito mode and a few more.

However, with Allo v2.0, Google has not only bumped a major version to a new number, but they also have a few amusing new additions as well. We are talking about the hidden chat themes. Being a WhatsApp user, you must be kind of aware that they won’t find the chat themes in Google Allo yet. However, a popular website – 9to5Google – has found out a few hidden chat themes. And the best part is that you can enable this according to an individual user.


The images show here some of the themes that currently sit inside the Allo APK. It’s just a matter of time before Google flips the switch on its server-side to make the changes live and accessible to all. It’s still unknown how the site unlocked those themes. However, the only thing that they revealed about the hidden chat themes is that the steps were carried out on a rooted smartphone.

Do you want to know about these hidden chat themes? The source link provide below will be helpful.


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