2 Ways to Hide iPhone X Notch

Do you want to hide iPhone X notch? There are many people who do not like the iPhone X notch and trying different ways to hide it. This article will cover the ways through which you can hide iPhone X Notch.

Hide iPhone X Notch

iPhone X is a new all-screen design and one of the most beautiful phones ever made, but the flaw in the iPhone series is the “Notch” and people are looking ways to hide iPhone X Notch. It was a necessary evil since Apple had to place the front camera on the iPhone, but it still seems irritating and destroys the look somehow.

This notch can be eliminated in the new iPhone X and hence is beneficial for the users. Considering this, if we choose to set a wallpaper that has a black area at the top, the notch will blend in with it and will almost disappear while we are on the home screen. This is one of the temporary methods to hide iPhone X notch which won’t be useful for a long while. Hence there are various methods through which you can hide iPhone X Notch. Let’s check them one by one so that you can get rid of iPhone X notch.

Getting a Wallpaper to Hide iPhone X Notch

There are various types of wallpapers that make the notch almost invisible, which seems like eliminating the notch. There are mainly three different ways to achieve this step with its own pros and cons.

1. There comes an application called Notcho that can be used which contains the notch free wallpapers and you can use it to hide iPhone X Notch. But the problem with this app is that the wallpapers that it creates contain watermarks unless you switch to a paid version.

Though it also has an advantage that you can use your own images to create notch-less backgrounds without involving Photoshop.

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The steps to use the app are pretty simple: Just open the app and choose the desired wallpaper. If you wish to upload a custom image from your photos, just tap the import button. Tap ‘save’ to add a notch less copy of the image that you desire.

hide iphone x notch

2. If you are technically strong and have access to Photoshop, you have the choice to make a notch less wallpaper using the PSD file. As you open the file, selecting the bottom layer, drag the desired image into the photoshop window and customize it the way to hide the notch. You can resize or recolour it and change the positions accordingly. But once you are done with it, save it as JPG and send to iPhone X.

After all the above two methods, be it using the Notcho app, using one of the custom wallpapers or making a new one using Photoshop, the next step will be to open the Photos app and select the notch-less image that you downloaded from us or saved from Notcho. Opening the desired picture, select Use as Wallpaper.

If you do not want your effect to be misaligned, make sure that you select Still option and not the ‘Perspective’ option on the wallpaper picker screen. Now there is no need to move the wallpaper around, you have to just select Set then choose either Set Lock Screen, Set Home Screen, or Set Both.

Though the notch is not very unbearable for many users, they would love to remove it if given an easy option to do so. If you are an iPhone user and would like to share your views on how to hide iPhone X notch, do write in the comments below.

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