The High-End OnePlus One is Priced Low

The high-end OnePlus One is a priced low gadget in the market where Smartphones are either budget phones or highly priced.

The OnePlus One is tagged as the ‘2014 flagship killer’. The low price of the phone has been seconded by the CEO with reasons as to why the price of the OnePlus One is low. The cost of the Smartphone is $299, which is without contract and is unlocked.

Price of High-End OnePlus One

As said above, the cost of the phone worth $299 is for the 16GB model, which is about Rs. 18,300. The 64GB variant naturally costs a tad more with a price of $349 – around Rs. 21,350.

Peter Lau, who is the CEO of OnePlus, has said that the reason for the lower costs of the Smartphone is the proper and correct distribution of the costs. This could benefit the users, the CEO feels.High-End OnePlus One

The CEO has given another reason for high-end OnePlus One to cost lesser. He said that like the bigwigs in the industry, like Nokia or Samsung, they won’t be spending too much on having partners with retailers or marketing the Smartphone physically.

On the contrary, the company is putting more efforts in online marketing as well as on services.

How long can the high-end OnePlus One

The other side of the OnePlus One can be the one that can backfire on it. If the company only persists with online marketing and service, this will mean, it won’t be in the public eye as much as the other companies do manage with advertising. The marketing push will be needed for OnePlus to keep itself in the competition.

It was previously pronounced that there will be a bigger batch of the 64GB variant that will be available initially, which will be in the Standstone black, before the silk white variant of the 16GB.H

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