High Speed Internet Cable Built by Microsoft and Facebook

High speed internet cable will be built by Microsoft and Facebook under the Atlantic Ocean so it can connect Virginia Beach from Virginia to Bilbao, Spain.

High Speed Internet Cable

The news is that the popular tech companies Microsoft and Facebook are building a high speed internet cable and that too surprisingly under the Atlantic Ocean. They have formed a partnership in and have come together to fulfil this cause. The companies are allying with a company named Telxius, the telecommunications infrastructure company from Telefónica. The high speed internet cable named “MAREA” is supposed to start with getting built from August 2016 and would probably be completed by October next year.

So, what’s the purpose of building this high speed internet cable? As the times are changing there is an increasing demand for the Microsoft services.


The services of Microsoft like Bing, Azure, Office 360, Xbox live or Skype are really getting to be a kind of a trend within people. The times are changing and slowly the growth of cloud computing is emerging. Microsoft is thus concentrating on its cloud computing services which will make it possible for the people to achieve the best possible services through the high speed internet cable. “MAREA” is supposed to be more than 4100 miles in length and is supposed to start from Virginia Beach in Virginia and reach Bilbao in Spain. It is supposedly going to sport eight pairs of fibre cables. It will also have the capacity to endure 160 TBPS of data.

In its blog post, Microsoft said regarding the high speed internet cable:

“We’re seeing an ever-increasing customer demand for high speed, reliable connections for Microsoft cloud services, including Bing, Office 365, Skype, Xbox Live, and Microsoft Azure. As the world continues to move towards a future based on cloud computing, Microsoft is committed to building out the unprecedented level of global infrastructure required to support ever faster and even more resilient connections to our cloud services. This robust, global infrastructure will enable customers to more quickly and reliably store, manage, transmit and access their data in the Microsoft Cloud.”


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