Hike Messenger Calling: Speak With 100 People in Group Call

Hike messenger calling has come up with a feature that will give users another reason to get hooked to Hike.

The new feature boasts of being able to connect to as many as 100 people on a single group call. This new feature will certainly give a much-needed lift where apps like WhatsApp, Hike and Line are targeting the young app users with various features and colorful stickers.hike-messenger-calling

Hike Messenger Calling

Communication app Hike has brought about a key change in their feature and it is the introduction of group calling. WhatsApp also had recently introduced free voice calling feature. But the catch in Hike is that on a single group call as many as 100 people can be connected. It will of course be a free service that users can easily avail of.

How to Initiate Group Voice Calling

The group voice calling can pretty easily be initiated, which is as easy as they say by ‘a click of a button’. And for the Hike messenger calling, you just have to be in a group chat already. The feature will first be available only for the Android devices. It will then be introduced to iOS phones followed by Windows Phone. The feature on other platforms could be available towards the end of this year.

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If you are in any group chat, all you have to do is tap the Hike call button. This will initiate the Hike messenger calling. Hike then calls each of the members of the group. The call starts as soon as the user is connected to the request. You should find this pretty much like conference calls. But as Hike is an Android app, the calling will take place via internet protocol.

New Recent Updates

Hike had recently come up with 4.0 update that included as many as 10 brand new features. And now as the Hike messenger calling is active for the users, the company has done away with the beta tag found on the VoIP feature.

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Who Can Benefit From Group Calling

Well, this is indeed a wired question to ask – who will benefit from this new feature? Won’t all the users benefit? Right. But to be more specific, it will be the students or the group of students on the app that will see more benefit. Discussing about studies or certain problems and trying to find out solutions will be even easier.

Apart from that, the Hike messenger calling will also be beneficial for families who have their loved ones away from them. And with this new feature in place, talking to your dear ones – all of them – will be convenient.

Kavin Bharti Mittal, who is the Founder and CEO of hike messenger, said that it was pretty hard making a group call. The CEO further added that conference calling is also a laborious job. However, with the presence of Hike messenger calling all these troubles will be put to rest.

And now, after all these efforts to put Hike messenger calling at the top, it remains to be seen what kind of response the app and the new feature gets.

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