Horrorfix Kickstarter Campaign Took Place To Raise Funds For Horror Board

Horrorfix Kickstarter Campaign is inviting people to contribute just $50 or more in order to further cover the costs of creating more exciting games.

Horrorfix Kickstarter Campaign

Horrorfix Kickstarter Campaign
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Video games were an amazing source of amusement then, and today, virtual games have taken place of these traditional games. Be it a 3-year old child or a 50-year old individual, everybody loves playing online games. In 2016, many online games ruled the gaming industry like a boss. And recently in 2017, Horrorfix Kickstarter Campaign took place to accumulate massive amounts of money for developing a promising game named Horror Board. And we hope that it would also make its name in top 10 virtual games of 2017.

Horrorfix, one of the pioneers in gaming industry, is developing a great game ‘Horror Board’. This game offers lots of catchy characters from which players can use any, and complete given missions by taking revenge. The company will thank its contributors by offering them a free version of Horror Board along with many other exciting freebies. However, one will need to contribute a small sum of at least $50 in this crowdfunding event. And it’s not the first time that a gaming company is offering gifts to its prospective buyers. In 2015, Google Play came up with exclusive offers for its customers on its second birth anniversary.

Horrorfix believes that this initiative will not only help them in handling the exorbitant costs of designing this game, but also help in taking the entertainment game to the next level. Horrorfix Kickstarter Campaign is turning out to be a huge success. Contribute as much as you can, receive gifts and freebies, and enjoy seeing the latest developments in Horror Board. All the developments of this game will get accomplished by October 2017.


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