How to Activate WhatsApp Voice Calling

WhatsApp has finally activated the voice calling feature suo moto. We are giving brief steps on how to activate WhatsApp voice calling. The process is extremely easy and it is literally a child’s play for anyone. The steps are given here in detail. Follow them to get your WhatsApp voice calling activated.

Activate WhatsApp Voice Calling

But before we proceed, let us first brief you about the developments regarding WhatsApp today. For those who do not know, WhatsApp calling has been finally been made available for all the Android users starting yesterday. The talks for free voice calling with WhatsApp had started long back.

In between, there were some pranksters too, who tried to catch the unaware users to drive them to malicious sites. We had reported to you about the dangers of falling prey to such attempts to hack information and carry out nasty activities on the web.

Those who were impatient about the new calling feature could potentially have to pay the price of it.


WhatsApp Voice Calling Activated

As of the latest development, the voice calling feature for WhatsApp has finally been activated. There were a few users only who got to ‘taste’ the calling feature. A user could activate WhatsApp voice calling if he got a call from another user with the feature. However, now as an Android user, you do not need to take any action to activate WhatsApp voice calling.

Steps to Activate WhatsApp Voice Calling

Now, let’s move towards the main topic of activating the WhatsApp voice calling feature.

  1. To get the WhatsApp voice calling facility, you will need the latest version, which is 2.12.14. You can either get it from Google Play Store or WhatsApp web site. Remember, you will need device version with 2.11.561 as older versions do not extend support to this feature.
  2. Now that you have the latest version, ask your friend to give you a call. This was needed initially when it needed a call to activate WhatsApp voice calling. But with the new developments, you now already have the calling feature.
  3. However, earlier there were problems with this kind of calling. For some users this didn’t work out.
  4. Once the feature is activated on your device, you should see three new tabs at the top. The leftmost tab is for the Calls, the center is for Chats and the rightmost shows your Contacts.

However, now you do not need to activate WhatsApp voice calling like before as this has now become a default feature.

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